100% Performance Based Sales Opportunities
as a Service

We're not your typical lead generation agency. We help you generate meetings with qualified prospects in your ICP & don't charge you a dime until we deliver new Sales Opportunities to you.

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Why Wait? With Us, You Only Pay For New Sales Opportunities

We Send Over Sales Opportunities & Your Team Closes More Deals, It's That Simple...

We don't ask for any retainer fees for our services. Instead, we only charge our clients when we deliver new Sales Opportunities to them.

Pay Only For New Sales Opportunities

Enough of paying heavy retainer fees for services that don't have any success. With us, you only pay for results we generate for you.

New Sales Opportunities Sent To Your CRM

We connect directly into your CRM so you can see all of the new leads we sent over inside of your CRM.

Completely Done-For-You Service

Our service is 100% done-for-you. Your only job is to qualify prospects & close deals for your business.

Full Training & 24/7 Support

We offer full training on how to qualify prospects and set meetings and also have a Slack channel where you'll get 24/7 support for your campaigns.

Unified Inbox For Tracking Sales Opportunities

Instead of tracking multiple inboxes at a time, you get one unified inbox where you'll have clear transparency across your campaigns.

Verified Leads Sent To You Every Month

Each month, we send over contact lists we generate for you and you'll always own the data.

We Deliver New Sales Opportunities To You Each & Every Day

We believe companies spend too much on growing SDR teams who shouldn't be running their own outreach.

Our team floods your inbox with new Sales Opportunities which convert into meetings and then ultimately convert into closed deals.

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Quick Setup Time

Our setup time is typically quicker than other lead generation agencies.

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Sales Opportunities In Your Inbox

We send Sales Opportunities directly into the dedicated inbox we set up for you.

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You Don't Pay A Dime Until We Generate Results For You

Our services are 100% performance based which means you don't pay us anything until we begin sending over new Sales Opportunities to you.

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100% Performance Based

Our services are 100% performance based meaning you only pay us for results we generate for you.

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No Monthly Retainers

We don't charge you any monthly retainers or long-term commitments so you always have peace of mind.

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We Send You All Of The Leads We're Reaching Out To & You Own The Lists

You'll get access to all of the leads we're sending to in CSV format each time we import new contacts into your campaigns.

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We Send You Lists For Outreach

You get access to the lead lists we send to each month you're on board with us.

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You Own All Of The Contact Data

You'll also own all of this contact data for all other future marketing purposes.

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Your Team Closes More Deals While Your Business Grows Tenfold

Ultimately, your team begins closing more deals and focusing on other aspects of the business while we handle the rest of your sales process.

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Qualified Prospects Interested In Your Service Or Product

You'll begin having pre-qualified prospects who are actually interested in what you have to offer.

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You Close More Deals Effortlessly

We help you focus on the most important piece, closing deals for your business.

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Why Wait? With Us, You Only Pay For New Sales Opportunities

Our Step-By-Step Process To Helping You Close More Deals

Even though what we're doing seems like magic *(which it is), we try to make our process as straightforward as possible so you understand how our simplified process works.


Our team sources decision-maker contact data that fits inside of your ICP

The first step to our process is finding key decision-maker contact data that fit exactly inside of your ICP. Our team continues pulling new contacts over time to fulfill your campaigns for longevity.


Our expert sales copywriters draft up email sequences that actually convert

The next step to our process is utilizing our sales copywriters to help draft up outreach sequences that actually convert into new Sales Opportunities. We focus heavily on direct response and adding value to your prospects so they're familiar with the solution you're delivering to them.


We begin delivering new Sales Opportunities to you on autopilot & your team closes them

After we launch your outbound campaigns, you'll immediately start seeing new Sales Opportunities flood into your dedicated inbox which we set up for you. From there, it's up to you and/or your team to follow up and close them.

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Stop wasting time and energy to get weak results.
We make sure you only focus on talking to high-quality leads and closing deals.


We're sure you have questions, that's exactly why we've laid out all the answers for you here.

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Why Wait? With Us, You Only Pay For New Sales Opportunities